DT087 // our house in luanda

architecture / urbanisme, logements

Lisbon architecture triennale 2010: let’s talk about houses
a house in Luanda: patio and pavillon

maîtrise d’oeuvre: DONNET TRESSE architectes (DTLAB)

/ concours: 2010
/ 100 m² (root version)
/ 25 000 $ (root version)




// our house proposal //
We wanted a house able to offer a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere throughout the day.
We therefore drew a compact house with rather small windows.
Some windows are like a pinch of pixels, 0,25 by 0,25 meters, and in that case the thickness of the wall doesn’t let the sun get through much. Others are 1 by 1 or 1 by 2 meters high and in that case are covered by a screen made of pallets that can be opened, acting like blinds, sifting the rays of the sun.
There is only one place with a generous window: between the living room and the patio. This patio is fenced on at least one side by pallets panels and on the others by masoned walls.
We’ve also designed the house so that a draft of wind would run from the patio through the staircase.
We wanted the house’s spatial organisation to suit the cultural and local social uses.
Depending on how the house is oriented, one can either enter the house through the patio or the kitchen. The patio is the heart of the house: it gives access to both the kitchen and the livingroom.
The ground floor also includes a bedroom and bath for the grandparents, while the upper level is for the rest of the family and hosts two bedrooms and a bathroom.
// This house is for a single family dwelling for 7 people: 2 parents + 3 children + 2 grandparents.
// Total area of the flat lot: 250 m² (front 10 m x depth 25m)
// Gross building area: 100 m² (91.5 m² without walls)
// 1st floor (areas without walls): 61.5 m²
living room 33 m² + kitchen 13 m² + grandparent’s bedroom 12 m² & bathroom 2 m² + toilets 1.5 m²
// 2nd floor (areas without walls): 29.5 m²
parent’s bedroom 12.5 m² + children’s bedroom 12 m² + bathroom 2.5 m² + corridor 2.5 m²
// Outdoor: 48 m² + 150 m²
1st floor’s patio 19.5 m² + 2nd floor’s terrace 28.5 m² + garden 150 m²

// is an evolutionary dwelling adapted to a high speed transformation african metropolis such as luanda //
To face the extreme demographic pressure and to foresee the intense process of transformation of luanda,
our house proposal allows evolutionary solutions.
It includes the possibility of self-construction, from the root version to the potential additions.
See diagrams below.

// and radically cheap to build //
Our house proposal would cost 25 000 $.



root version

+ 28.5 m²

+ 19.5 m²

+ 40 m²

1st floor: patio (1), living room (2), kitchen (3), grandparent’s bedroom (6), bathroom (4), toilets (5), garden (9)

2nd floor: parent’s bedroom (7), children’s bedroom (8), bathroom (4), corridor, terrace

roof plan

section AA

section BB

road elevation

garden elevation

1st floor

2nd floor