DT164 // treepop

architecture / urbanisme, équipements

Bee Breeders – international architecture competition
/ Tokyo Pop Lab

maîtrise d’oeuvre: DONNET TRESSE architectes (DTLAB)

/ concours: 2016




There are some curious objets located at the corner of Yonbanchō and Nibanchsō streets. It looks like these unique forms were planted here, as trees. They are wraped in a kind of metal weaving. This glare effect, generating a visual interplay with ambient light, prevents people from outside the center, from knowing what is going inside. As a small forest, some forms are alone (and allow the « secret garden » to be seen), and some are so closed that they could merge each others.

The understory level.
The open ground floor suggest an understory atmosphere. The various and generously proportioned volumes offers adapted spaces for exhibitions and performances. They are structured like a walk in the woods. The boundary between inside and outside is shrinking.

The crown level.
It offers different perceptions. The interior of each form is protected by a slightly cuted hull. Like alcoves, they isolate readers from the tumult of the street. This space is mainly intended for concentration and meditation. Everyone can consult books and videos the way they want. While strolling, simply sitted or sat byground against a « trunk » in the shade of a steel foliage. Multiple recesses give the opportunity of being insulated to plunge in a manga or to meditate with the depth of an Haiku. In the opposite, the central space distributing the alcoves is more opened and supports exchanges.

The canopy.
The second and last level is mainly related to exploration, research. The rooms have great heights under ceiling in order to allow any kind of occupation. In opposition with the lower level, this stage invites to meet, share. Perhaps the best place to transmit rich traditions like the art to arrange bouquets, to manufacture origamis or to transmit calligraphy.
For all these reasons and much more, make sleepy on tender grass in the shade of large trees, and let us share this Haiku like an invitation to travel.

« Because we have to,
let’s train ourselves to die
in the shade of flowers. »
Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828)



1 – present time

2 – colonisation

3 – rationalisation


master plan


street view

longitudinal elevation

longitudinal section



the understory level

the understory level – entrance / forum

the understory level – exhibition hall


the crown level

the crown level – library circulation


the canopy level

the canopy level – workshop

the canopy level – canopy


night view from the parc